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BuzzOFF Mosquito can help you reclaim your backyard. Our BuzzOFF Certified Mosquito Professionals will customize a solution that protects your yard and reduces the number of biting insects. Don't let something as small as a mosquito keep you from enjoying your backyard.

Your local dealer is a qualified, professional technician who will custom design your system to meet your specific needs and expand as your outdoor living area grows. We'll even discuss other needs including plant watering and temperature reducing misting systems.

Our focus is your backyard. BuzzOFF Mosquito approaches your backyard insect problem on an individualized basis. No one solution fits all situations, so our approach is based on sound Integrated Pest Management practices, relying on a combination of scientific knowledge and common sense. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito professional has received comprehensive training - he knows where to look, what to look for and is well versed in the habits of those nuisance pests that have spoiled your outdoor activities.


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