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Mosquitoes breed in standing water that becomes stagnant. Standing water that remains for 7 to 10 days, after a rain or irrigation, will almost always produce mosquitoes. As an example, one coffee can full of water has the potential to produce in excess of 10,000 mosquitoes during a typical summer season.


Mosquito Breeding Spots

drainsFrench Drains

French drains that hold water are a hidden spot ideal for mosquitoes to breed. Leaves and other debris can fall in and create stagnant water, and should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Over time, movements in the soil or tree roots will change the pitch of the drain preventing proper flow. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito Professional can install mosquito dunks to help prevent French drains from becoming mosquito nurseries.


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Gutters and downspouts that hold water create a perfect breeding zone for mosquitoes. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito Professional can clean out eaves, troughs and down spouts of leaves and other debris which prevent drainage. Gutters and roof valleys must be kept free of vegetation and other debris to promote rapid drainage.


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standing waterStanding Water

Potted plant trays, birdbaths or un-aerated ponds and fountains are all prime examples of mosquito breeding sites. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito Professional can treat those areas where changing the water is difficult or impractical with the proper application of larvacides.


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public areasPublic Areas

Your BuzzOFF mosquito professional will help you identify areas surrounding your home such as alleys, marsh areas, sewers and ponds that may require attention by your local mosquito abatement districts. All areas of your yard with dense foliage and potential water holding sites have the potential of producing significant mosquito populations. We can install landscape misting nozzles that will help keep mosquitoes from invading your yard.


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mosquito harborage areas


dense foliageDense Foliage

Heavy vegetation creates extremely attractive habitats where most adult mosquitoes will rest awaiting their next meal. Overgrown areas should be trimmed and maintained. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito Professional will install landscape misting nozzles designed to penetrate dense foliage and drive out hiding mosquitoes.


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gazebosGazebos and Raised Decks

The areas beneath raised structures often provide low areas which hold water and naturally provide a cool damp space, an ideal harborage for mosquitoes. Depending on design and size, your BuzzOFF Mosquito Professional may employ multiple control techniques, including fixed misting nozzles and residual granular products for such areas.


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turf & ground coverTurf and Ground Cover

Over-watering and poor irrigation practices are common producers of mosquitoes. Thick lawns and flower beds are also prime breeding ground for fleas and ticks. Keep your lawn mowed as short as practical. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito Professional will help identify areas with poor drainage such as sunken areas of the lawn. We can also recommend optional services such as granular or topical applications to help control these other insects.


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