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The BuzzOFF Approach

You know mosquitoes are making it impossible to be outside.
Are you ready to do something about it?


Our focus is your backyard. BuzzOFF Mosquito approaches your backyard insect problem on an individualized basis. No one solution fits all situations, so our approach is based on sound Integrated Pest Management practices, relying on a combination of scientific knowledge and common sense. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito professional has received comprehensive training - he knows where to look, what to look for and is well versed in the habits of those nuisance pests that have spoiled your outdoor activities.



yardStep 1 - Perimeter Survey: What unique challenges affect your backyard?

Dealing with any pest nuisance in your yard starts with a thorough understanding of the surrounding environment. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito professional first will perform a thorough inspection of your property and the adjoining areas, to determine pest harborage sites, which become the foundation of our custom designed solution.


Getting to the root of the problem:

  • Within Your Yard

  • Specific Areas of harborage

  • Attractants in your yard

Beyond Your Yard

  • Dense Foliage, Drainage Ditches, Marsh Areas

  • Yard Orientation and Proximity to Neighbors


Identification of the culprit:

Our Certified Mosquito Professionals are trained to recognize and identify your backyard pest problem. Some cases may require surveillance trapping



mistingStep 2 - Backyard Lifestyle Interview: How do you use your backyard?

Before any recommendations can be made, your Certified Mosquito Professional will want to consider how and when you use your yard, your family profile and your unique circumstances, including:

  • Sensitivities to Botanical or Conventional pesticides

  • Family and Pets

  • Where you spend the most time in your yard




step 3 - Recommendations & Customized Usage Profile

Because every situation is unique, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your BuzzOFF Mosquito Professional will use his expertise to select from a complete arsenal of tried and true solutions and show you how to begin enjoying your yard again. Our Professionals will clearly explain your options & provide you with a complete analysis and customized solution. This includes actions you can take on your own, along with recommended BuzzOFF Mosquito Solutions and how and when to use them.


BuzzOff Mosquito Misting System

The core tool in the BuzzOff Mosquito arsenal is the

BuzzOFF Mosquito Misting System.

Our misting systems are designed with ultimate flexibility and assembled with durable parts that will provide many years of trouble free operation. Your system will be designed to best address the needs of your home.
Learn more about the BuzzOff Mosquito Solutions


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